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Novak The Enjoyer

OP-1 Field Enjoyer Knob Kit (4-Pack)

OP-1 Field Enjoyer Knob Kit (4-Pack)

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Hexagon  -  Lightning   -  Mother  -  Circle   


Deck your OP-1 Field out with the Enjoyer Knob Kit. Built for comfort, get more detailed adjustments with a bigger radius. They are easier to turn, and provide a larger target when you need to mute and unmute tracks while exploring the kitchen.

These caps fit right over the factory knobs so there's no worry about storing or misplacing your originals. Just slide them on and get to work.  Decksaver friendly! 

*If you prefer one shape for all 4 caps, just send a note when you place your order.

*International buyers!! 

Duties & Taxes are not covered.

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