I picked up a guitar when I was a kid, and it's been a love affair ever since. Throughout the years, I've worked in many different fields; fabrication, house painting, carpentry, and even a helicopter pilot. But somehow, I always come back to music. I've been in bands, created music for film, television, and even some name brands. These experiences opened my eyes to the world of audio engineering and sound exploration which led me into a passion for music technology and audio production.

  • For the Monies

    Professionally, I'm one half of the team at Soft Power Music Company where my partner, Jaron and I create music for film & television.

  • For My Soul

    In my spare time, I play with guitars, synthesizers, and all kinds of other stuff to feed the beast. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram as Novak The Enjoyer.

  • For the People

    My current obsession is the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field. The limitations of a DAWless interface have been strangely inspiring. I love this machine, and made it a little better by building this custom OP-1 microphone pop-filter, "The Dead Kitten."